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English Cream goldendoodles expect fall 2012--
Please call 262-225-8848 to reserve a puppy
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 European Goldendoodle
Champion Sired!!!  The father was born in Europe and recently brought to the US.  He was shown in Europe and the US and is an International Champion!
He is a beautiful dog with an excellent temperament!!!

English Puppies will be available fall 2012
Updates will be coming soon!

3 month old European

Contact info:
(262) 225-8848
For more information!
About European Golden Retrievers:

European Golden Retrievers are lighter colored, and have blockier heads,  compared to American Golden Retrievers.  In England and Europe, this is what you probably would see if you visited a Golden Retriever.  They are not as common in the United States, but they are beautiful, obedient retrievers, just like their American counterparts. 

European Goldendoodles:

A European or English  Goldendoodle will be a lighter colored dog and should be a bit shorter and stockier than our American goldendoodles.   Flurry the mother has a very soft, more relaxed poodle coat.  She is a very sweet, calm dog and is excellent with children.   Nika , the father, is an International Champion and also has a very soft coat and he too is a very calm dog.   Both the Mother and Father are AKC registered and come from excellent bloodlines and have fantastic temperments.
What most people do not know about Poodles:
1.   Originally breed for hunting
2.   Are excellent retrievers
3.   Are extremely intelligent and
         very trainable
4.   Are very athletic (make excellent
          jogging companions)
5.   Don't have to be clipped like a
          show dog
6.   Non-allergenic and non-
7.   Very calm dogs
8.   Are excellent with children
9.   Comfortable inside or out
10.  Are all around GREAT dogs!
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