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English Cream goldendoodles expected in fall and ready just before the 2012 Holidays!  Call 262-225-8848 for more information!
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 Currenly taking reservation for English goldendoodle Puppies due fall 2012--should be ready before the 2012 Holidays!!!

Please call 262-225-8848with any questions or to reserve your puppy.

(262) 225-8848

The age at which a puppy is able to go to its new home varies by breed, litter and individual puppy.  The minimum age at which a puppy can go to its new home is six weeks.  There is quite a bit of information on this available on the web - you will find some scientific studies stating six weeks is the time, you will find some state laws prohibit the sale of puppies until seven or eight weeks, and you will find some breed standard pages suggesting eight weeks.  The Humane Society recommends twelve weeks.  A longer period with the mother and its litter mates may be beneficial to the puppy, but an earlier transition may also be beneficial for other reasons.  We suggest you look at the following article and also conduct your own research, including talking to your veterinarian.

At Stone Fence Farm, our goal is not to get the puppies out of the house as soon as possible; our goal is to create a healthy developmental environment for the puppies and then work with the individual families to find an adoption date that meets the puppy's individual needs.  We can assure you that puppies older than six weeks will receive a substantial amount of human interaction, in addition to the development provided by the mother.  However, we also understand that no one will love and spend time with your new puppy like the new owners, and that you are anxious to begin the valuable integration and socialization with the new family.  Please give us a call to discuss this further.  For puppies that are being shipped, we require that they be at least eight weeks old, and will insure that the puppies will receive a lot of daily attention from each of our family members so that they are exposed to men, women and children.  Our philosophy causes us to begin handling each puppy, by each member of our family of seven, from the first day they are born.  Some breeders suggest that they leave the puppies in isolation for the first week, others raise them in kennels.  Our puppies are raised in our home, and will have human contact from the first minute they come into this world.  They will not be artificially or prematurely separated from their mother either, which we feel is unnatural.

Our personal experience is that we have adopted puppies that were six weeks old and up to six months old.  We have not experienced any difference in socialization or integration into our household, although that is attributable to the individual dogs, the breeder's care with the older puppies, and the amount of time we could spend with the younger puppy.  What is most important with the younger puppies is that you are able to provide a loving home and that you have plenty of time so that your puppy has round the clock attention.

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